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Irresistible Events Podcast

Become Attractive to Your Ideal Client

How to Become Attractive to Your Ideal Client? To become attractive to your ideal client takes work. This implies that we also need to already know who our ideal client is. We cannot attract someone we no nothing about. So start there. Figure out who your ideal client...

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Who You Are Attracting To Your Business?

Who Are You Attracting to Your Business? We are building our businesses online and as a marketer, I know the importance of your avatar. Your avatar is that person that you are targeting and that you want in your business. That person who you want as a client or that...

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Self-Esteem and Other Things…

How is Your Self-Esteem, Healthy or Unhealthy? What is keeping you from publishing online? Most of us struggle with a thing called self-esteem, which causes us a distorted self-image. When we believe this distorted self-image we will auto-sabotage all opportunities...

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Making REAL Changes for 2020 and Beyond!

What We Need to Achieve Real Changes in 2020? Regardless if you are setting your New Year Resolutions, or if you are writing down your goals, you have to know that " for things to change, you have to change." - Jim Rohn  WE need to start by believing WE CAN change....

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What is Irresistible Marketing?

What is Irresistible Marketing? We see that there are so many people trying to sell their products and services online. Some are doing it effectively and some are bearly hanging on. In this podcast, I talk about how we can make our marketing attractive.  We gotta...

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