Where Does it ALL Start?

Why do you need to detox your mind to suceed in your online business and life?

Well, we live in such a toxic world. We have been raised by certain beliefs. We are conceived and from that moment we start to receive signals from our environment, from our mother, from what she is perceiving at the moment. Also add to that all the past ancestors memories.

We are already being wired in certain beliefs for each situation or thing that life will throw at us.

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And the Bad news is, Wrong Beliefs Keep You Stuck. These beliefs can or cannot be toxic, so if they are you need to detox your mind.
Our MIND controls Matter so What we think DOES Matter! So whatever comes from our mouths we have to understand it does matter. As my coach Raquel says “My words matter because they become matter.”

These beliefs become toxic when they keep you away from what you really deserve, LOVE. We were created in love but we were wired in fear. Fear is the most TOXIC of them all — this creates every toxic feeling and thought and action.

The opposite is true for LOVE, Love creates all the healthy feelings, thoughts and actions.

According to Dr. Caroline Leaf’s book The Perfect You on pages 48 to 53 she goes into detail of why it’s so important to stay in our “love zone” and so dangerous to have Toxic Thinking, she says that we are endangering our physical health by staying in Toxicity.
When we are thinking toxic we operate outside our “Perfect you” and what happens is we experience toxic stress.

Toxic stress is related to letting feelings of hate, anger, rage, irritation, unforgiveness, worry, stress, envy, self-pity, obsession, unkindness, cynism, and jealousy to form… all which we know cause physical damage.

But when we operate from the “love zone” (as she calls it) we are indeed are operating within the Perfect You.

A Person who is whole, healthy, full of joy and LOVE. When we are in Love there is no space for Fear!

It’s written in the Bible in 1st John 4:18 “there is no fear in love. But perfect love casts out fear.” So if we live by this phrase, there shouldn’t be fear in our lives. Let Love in and everything that goes with fear will dissipate.

So how do we do that?

We have to get a level of AWARENESS to stop those toxic thoughts from entering our bodies.

This can be done by embracing love thoughts instead. Whatever we focus on we attract. No no, you are not to blame for being abused by someone else and thinking you deserve it because you attracted it, DO NOT get me wrong, what we are saying is that if you are abusing yourself with those toxic thoughts YOU have the power to change that.

You can absolutely unlearn negative fear, it can be done through our thinking, feeling and doing.
Dr. Caroline Leaf says that neuroscientific research has proven that when we operate in Love, chemicals are released in the brain such as oxycontin. Which literally melts away toxic thoughts so that new thoughts can be wired together.
To make this chemical also release oxytocin we can do it she says by reaching out to others or when we create a bond or when we trust.

So basically if we CHOOSE to operate in the “LOVE ZONE” then we are choosing to detox our minds. You have that power to Detox Your Mind, just by switching those thoughts.

She says and I quote verbatim “Unless we consciously choose to veto and override these reactions, we will voluntarily be at the mercy of the environment, the reactions of our bodies, and the toxic memories of the past. Our Perfect You will be blocked and our true self will vanish for a time.”

Like a computer, we can choose to override those negative toxic files with love. Let’s say that we lived some kind of trauma, what happens when we rehearse this over and over in our minds?

It creates a physical reaction, like panic, anxiety, fear, worry.
Which wasn’t there until we brought up the memory. So this tells us that we can VETO that thought, that narrative we tell ourselves and change it to a completely different one. If you are still having doubts about if change is possible, check out my previous podcast here.


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