Who Are You Attracting to Your Business?

We are building our businesses online and as a marketer, I know the importance of your avatar. Your avatar is that person that you are targeting and that you want in your business. That person who you want as a client or that you want as a partner. Whatever it is that you do, the people you want to surround yourself with. Are these people adding to your life or adding to your drama? Will they give you peace or is it just turmoil to deal with them? Check out today’s podcast to know more about what we can attract the right kind of leads online!

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We know how important that is. And to be honest, it’s so important in business and in your personal life that whatever you’re attracting in your personal life is going to affect your business. This is very tricky because when we come online, especially us that are building a personal brand we have to look ourselves in the mirror and ask ourselves, Hey, Anna, what are you attracting? What’s going on?

if we’re not at the level that we want to be right now, you gotta understand that it’s because you can’t manage it yet. And it’s okay. We all go through a journey, a process. 

When I started building online five years ago I started with very low self esteem and I had come out of really bad breakup. I’ve had this bad breakup and I was overweight and I needed to get my groove back, my sexy back, and I did not feel irresistible at all. Okay?

I did not feel irresistible at all.

If you see everything around my brand, you’re going to see the word a Irresistible as you have noticed, that’s my word for my personal brand.

But to become irresistible to start attracting to your business…

I had to look at myself in the mirror and ask myself, what was I attracting? Because whatever, however I felt, however you feel you know, that’s the vibe that’s surrounding you. 

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