What is Irresistible Marketing?

We see that there are so many people trying to sell their products and services online. Some are doing it effectively and some are bearly hanging on. In this podcast, I talk about how we can make our marketing attractive. 

We gotta create the “Shut up and take my money!!” Effect. This effect that some products and services have start with who is sharing it, how they are sharing it and when. If you are growing a personal brand you have to put yourself out there. Sell yourself. 

Learn how to get to a place of irresistibility that will cause all your leads to tell you “just take my money!”. This starts with ourselves, some products do not sell themselves, that’s a lie. It can be the best product, most innovative and world changing but if it’s explained wrong, and/or put infront of the wrong people… then it would completely FLOP!

Irresistible marketing is beyond a graphic or an offer being presented, it’s about making your leads fall in love with you and if that’s your goal, you gotta listen to the podcast here


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