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Hosting Stress-Free Events: 

Learn the basis of crafting events, virtually or not, that are Stress free for you and your team!

My number one goal when I am producing an event for a client is for them to feel at peace and secure that the team has it handled and they can be stress-free. So when it comes to creating online experiences I really really make this a point with the technology. Tech can be so stressful for everyone. From not knowing how to use it, to just plain being scared they will break it. My clients fears range from logical to delulu. But that’s why they hire me, to not feel afraid. 

I know a lot of my colleagues as well are the same, so on this episode I brought in colleague and Summit expert Ericka Bates to talk about how can we releve stress when producing and hosting events that requiere a lot of technology and moving pieces. 

Below you will read a summary that ai crafted for us, and you can take your own notes while you listen. But these are the main points we discussed. Hope it helps! 


Anna Andrea


Summary by Writesonic ai – with Host’s notes

In the digital age, virtual events have become a cornerstone of effective communication and engagement. However, the process of planning, promoting, and executing these events can often seem overwhelming. This blog post draws insights from industry experts Anna Andrea and Ericka, who share their experiences and strategies for successful virtual event production and promotion.

3 Key Points To Creating Stress-Free Virtual Events:

1. The Importance of Social Media Promotion

Anna Andrea and Ericka emphasize the importance of promoting events on various social media platforms, not just relying on email. They suggest tagging and involving speakers in promotional activities to increase reach and engagement. Setting realistic expectations and showing appreciation to attendees and speakers are also crucial elements of a successful promotion strategy. (AI’s summary) 

2. The Power of Automation in Virtual Events

The duo also discusses the importance of automating virtual events. They share their preferred tools and strategies for attracting attendees, managing speakers, and repurposing content for maximum exposure. Automation not only streamlines the process but also ensures consistency and efficiency in event management.

3. Utilizing Platforms for Maximum Exposure

Ericka and Anna Andrea highlight the use of platforms like Hey Summit to showcase speakers and schedule live streams of their content. They also explore the option of using one stream live to embed pre-recorded sessions and interviews in a queue format for replay purposes. This approach allows for a more flexible and engaging event experience.

Virtual events, when executed effectively, can be a powerful tool for engagement and communication. By leveraging social media for promotion, automating processes, and utilizing platforms for maximum exposure, event organizers can create impactful and successful virtual events. As Anna Andrea and Ericka’s insights suggest, the key lies in strategic planning, effective promotion, and the smart use of technology.

– Summary by AI

What Can We Do To Make Changes Right Now?

Evaluate your current event planning. Stop and re-think by asking yourself if all the decisions that have been made are audience-oriented. I know stopping and auditing is tedious, so if you need help book a call with me, we can set up an audit and make the changes NOW before you start promoting it. 

What you can do right now is check a few things starting with the most important of all: if the GOAL of the event is a problem that solves for your audience.

Ask the following questions:

– Does this event

– ?

– Am I using USER-friendly tools so the experience is not choppy, confusing, or down right frustrating AF?

These are a few questions you can ask and make changes immediately depending on the answer. Take a moment. Meditate on this, ask your speakers what they think, and do some market research. ASK those who already registered before to one of your events, get some feedback.

You might think you don’t have time for this right now, BUT if you don’t stop to do this audit and changes… the success of your event might be in jeopardy!

Haven’t started yet planning your next virtual event?

Don’t fret! You can start with my support from the beginning. I created a 30-page checklist to give you the jumpstart you need. PLUS it comes with 6 FREE trainings to support the first BIG decisions. 

And it’s complete and very detailed. Just like I like to do things with excellence and transparency. Planning an event is not easy but it can be simple! Grab it below ????????????????  

Meet The Guest Speaker

Ericka Bates

I’m a dedicated content creator specializing in virtual events, content distribution, and content repurposing. My focus is on helping SaaS companies achieve stress-free virtual event success in 90 days or less.

Not only can I put together seamless virtual events without the overwhelm of technology, but I also host two weekly live stream shows: ‘Ericka Bates With OneStream Live, Talk Virtual & I produce live stream shows for others as well.

As part of my commitment to the virtual events community, I host and facilitate a weekly meeting for the brilliant Virtual Summiteers Peer Group. Additionally, I curate and lead monthly Master Class events for them, offering invaluable insights and knowledge-sharing opportunities.

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