Virtual events are the best way to connect with your audience. You can reach people from all over the world, and they don’t have to travel!

Plus, it’s easy on your budget!

in this 90 day program, you’ll learn how to plan an amazing virtual event that will be sure to wow your attendees, Create it and launch it!

Maybe you have a unique skill? Some insider knowledge that not a lot of people know about… 


Maybe you have been working in an industry for years and you want to stop trading hours for dollars and instead get paid for your knowledge worth…


Maybe you are already selling coaching and programs online but you are looking to get momentum, automate and make a bigger impact or just take it from barely scraping to a revenue-pumping money machine?

No matter where you are in this journey, there is no better time than NOW to design and launch a virtual event.

You just cannot afford to wait.

By keeping this to yourself, you are leaving lives unchanged and money on the table for other less skilled people than you to take it away.


Would you walk around with a discman when the whole world is streaming on their smartphones?

Would you flaunt your VHS movies when the world is on Netflix?

Would you insist on using MySpace when everyone is on Instagram?

Why do you insist then in using the same strategies for your business that someone developed years ago in a very different, very less saturated savvy consumer crowd online? A place where there was no pandemic and everyone believed the “perfect webinar” was indeed perfect for all audiences?!


Buyers preferences have changed.

Buying consumer behavior has changed.

Marketplace has changed.

Our habits have definitely changed.

Our values have been flipped over, our preferences are way different after 2020 (thanks COVID you heartless son of a b*tch)!

BUT your gurus have been touting the exact same courses and strategies for years!

Like, make it make sense!?

To use the same promo strategies before 2020!

The same copy tactics.

The same launch steps…

When the whole world has changed SO drastically?

5 Urgently Compelling Reasons 

You Should Launch your next virtual event RIGHT NOW

1. The world needs YOU and your expertise wrapped up in a bite-size, easily consumable package that will entertain them and educate them at the same time… there is no better time than NOW to do it.

No matter where you live.

2. The beauty of virtual events is that all you need to make it happen is a computer and a good internet connection. Everything is now online, and by 2022 even as the world returns to in-person events… virtual has changed the game. Are you ready for that?

No matter who you are!

3. Your leads want YOUR knowledge, your grey matter, your thought process. You can establish yourself as the subject matter expert with virtual events, no one cares where you live, what degrees you got in college and even if you attended any formal education. (Says the latina business owner from El Salvador writing this as she hears the rooster singing next door).

No matter what you want to teach!

Take a look at what people are searching online to learn: 

Python, healthcare, java, finance, marketing, relationships, s3xuality, music, writing, languages, psychology, self development, design, accounting, programming, web design, photography, law, history, spirituality, etc.

4. No matter where your students are; The beauty of the internet is that you can reach anyone in any place in the world with an internet connection. All in-person events had to either pivot to virtual or die. Most decided to pivot to virtual and survive! This is the first innovation in 50 years inside the event industry. BIG THINGS are happening!

5. No matter how much time you have; I created my first ever virtual summit in less than 60 days while I was also taking care of my clients’ summits and it only took me like 2 to 4 hrs a day. Plus I also have a life and a boyfriend to give attention to. 

Here’s the thing though… I know what you are thinking… I know about all the sanity-sucking nightmare events can be and virtual is not an exception. But hear me out…

3 Types Of Delirious Experts You Should NOT Be Taking Advice From:

The Timebomb Master: this is the hustle till we drop. The one that tells you every month you should be launching your program a different way, from webinars, masterclasses, ebooks to challenges to events. 

The Imposter Virtual Event Expert: the one who thinks is a virtual event expert but has no idea how to create a memorable experience for everyone online. They make it all about the transaction and leave the heart out. 

The Fluff and Puff Content Master: they talk and talk and say nothing, they create fluff content that barely has any substance and they never get to the point.

That’s where I come in…

The antithesis of all things fluff, bs and basher of boring virtual events!

I am Anna Andrea & I should still be rotting in a cubicle attached to a phone cord solving problems and absorbing all that negative energy of stressed clients that weren’t even my own.

Because that is the only “decent” paid job here in El Salvador that allowed me to have the lifestyle I am used to living… or so I thought.

But I am here, on my own terms, making 4-5 times the minimum wage without marinating in my own slowly breakdown of self-respect.

Today, I am a self-made business owner, award winning event planner and publicist, and have helped my clients produce over 5 figures in mid-pandemic craziness. 

I started in 2014 with zero influence online dabbling into mlm, attraction marketing, trying to figure it out as a virtual assistant… subzero sales. Then I started making sales as I launched my own courses but they weren’t generating the traction I hoped, until 2020. After 2 years of working with clients producing their virtual summits I decided to launch my new program with a summit of my own. AND it profited! 

Sold easily, got authority in my niche, connected with amazing players in my industry and I get referrals all the time from that. 

My clients have made 4 figures, in their first summits without their own programs and we are aiming for 6 with their own irresistible offers in 2021. 

I am not special, I was average at school most times… I did win some awards and stuff but yeah not a big player.

I just got determined that what I studied in University (event planning) was a great decision and my digital marketing experience combined with my creativity was going to get me where I wanted it to go.

I was just a woman who believed she could, so I did. 

I took my shot, and I kept shooting until I found myself back into a world I love so much, events.  

Events have changed my life and I want to help others make this kind of impact in the lives of their audiences. 

This is why I produce virtual events… because it can help facilitate breakthroughs and I want to help millions of people experience this. With me by your side, you will become a facilitator of breakthroughs, on your own terms. 

5 Life-Altering Ways Your Business & Life is About to Change for the Better!

THIS IS YOU: Thousands of email subscribers, hundreds of eager buyers, and a life full of joy, that will annoy the dream crashers in your life.

THIS IS YOU: Your virtual event strategy, topic, copy, tech, graphics, promotional info, funnels, all DONE.

THIS IS YOU: Your virtual event is filling up with attendees excited to participate, sharing your event with their friends and colleagues. 

THIS IS YOU: Taking a day or a week or a MONTH off just because you can and you have a system in place that does not require you to keep trading hours for measly dollars.

THIS IS YOU: No more hoping that people show up, dying inside that nothing is working… you will always be winning. EVERY time. 

How will you get there?

I have a system that will get you there.

You are 90 DAYS away from creating, launching and selling out your programs with your first or next virtual event with more profit, more freedom and far more ease

In Just 3 Easy Stages You Will:

  • Identify The Best Virtual Event For Maximum Profitability & Impact For You
  • Design The Concept, Plan The Logistics and Define The Best  Content To Be Included In Your Virtual Event
  • Know Where To Research Speakers (if needed), How To Recruit Them, and Get Them Excited About Your Virtual Event
  • Learn How to Build Your Virtual Event With Low Tech and an Omnichannel Communication Strategy To Generate More Leads
  • Build, Test and Launch Your Next Virtual Event To Generate A Bigger Impact & Income

This is the best done-with-you virtual event program designed for you to help you take your idea and transform it into a fun, engaging, and profitable virtual event.

I will help you define what type of virtual event you should do, how long it should be, what topic to make it about, support you in finding the best speakers, help you with your promotion and sales offer, and of course demystify technology! Plus much more!

You will get all the resources you need to make it a success!

Stage 1: Plan, Design, Enroll

Plan the virtual event concept, figure out the logistics, research and enroll speakers.

Week: 1 Design the Concept

Week 2: Logistics & Research 

Week 3: Enroll Speakers/ Design Content

Week 4: Start Interviews / Work on Content 

You will create your virtual event strategy, concept, agenda, storyline, entertainment elements, and begin to reach out to speakers if creating an event with external experts. You will also define what software and hardware we will be using in case you need to invest in it, will provide a list of recommendations that are inexpensive.

Stage 2: building it

Create your sales offer, define the level of production and technology needed, create an omnichannel communication strategy, create the content for the virtual event.

Week 5: Sales Offer

Week 6: Production & Tech Logistics

Week 7: Virtual Event Web Set-Up

Week 8: Communication Strategy

Time to start building and creating your summit sales offer, any bonuses or materials you will give out. Start building your virtual event websites and membership area if needed. Work on the communication sequences both email and messenger/sms.

Stage 3: Launch & Promote

Plan the promotional strategy, copy, and graphics; test all the tech set up, launch the virtual event.

Week 9: Promotional Strategy

Week 10: Deliver to Speakers or Set up Back-Up plans

Week 11: Testing & Finalizing

Week 12: Start Promoting Virtual Event

Time to finalize the recordings and editing any footage needed. Finalize any materials that you will provide in your virtual event, communication sequences, and test the funnels. Finalize the Swype copy for the promotion and send the information to speakers, sponsors, and any affiliates. 

The Sexy Bonuses 

That will turn you on like a horny teenager!

Bonus 1

The Irresistible Virtual Event Workbook – VALUE $997

This is the complete workbook you need to create irresistible experiences every time you plan a virtual event.

Bonus 2

The Irresistible Event Content Brainstorm Guide
VALUE $997
This will help you create the storyline of your virtual event. Every event needs a smooth process to take your attendees through a journey.

Bonus 3

Private Facebook Community & Accountability – Worth $997

this private group will give you direct access to anna andrea for questions.

Bonus 4

The Ultimate Virtual Event Tech Cheatsheet – VALUE $297

this cheatsheet will help you make decisions when it comes to the tools and tech you need for each of your virtual events. never get lost or overwhelmed again with this decisions just go over the cheat sheet and you will get clarity on what to do. 

Bonus 5

Your Irresistible Virtual Event 90 Day Calendar Plan – VALUE $297

this calendar will give you an idea of when and you need to do each task and how long you should be working on them. This calendar comes with a video tutorial and a Trello board so that you get the most out of it.

Bonus 6

12 week breakdown plan in trello – VALUE $297

this Trello board will help you keep you on track so that your event planning runs well and you will be calm so that you can focus on the tasks pending. 

The Extra Sexy Bonuses DISAPPEARING SOON!

These bonuses disappear in:








Extra Bonus 1

Find & ENROLL the Best Speakers Worksheet

VALUE $497

This is a guide on where you can find the best speakers for your Virtual Summit or Conference.
Crafting the right message is sometimes a make it or break it, moment. Get Script ideas to make the perfect pitch, get better and more speakers booked.

Extra Bonus 2

Messenger Bot template to maximize your event experience – VALUE $1497

Chat marketing is no longer an option to reach your leads, this is where they hang out the most. This Template will help your leads register to your virtual event without even needing a website funnel and will allow you to send sms and messenger broadcast the day(s) of the virtual event. All policy complaint!

 EXTRA Bonus 3

2 Full Summit Templates (WordPress and DIVI)

VALUE $4,497

Don’t have a website or funnel software? NO Worries! I got you. We will install the templates for the optin funnel, sales page, membership site and integrate all your needs. All you need is $3/mo for hosting.

Extra Bonus 4

Email Copy Templates for the virtual event

Worth $497

Email is essential to the communication of your virtual event, even if we add other communication tools we should always communicate through email. These templates will help you write these emails easier and get more people to show up to your virtual event.

Extra Bonus 5

Social Media Graphics Promotion Templates

Worth $997

You will get 3 types of templates for your speaker graphics so that you can share your virtual event with everyone.

 EXTRA Bonus 6

Virtual Event Launch Plan Strategy

Worth $497

You will get a whole plan of what you need to do during the promotion time so that you get the biggest reach possible and so you can communicate effectively with your speakers. 

These bonuses disappear in:








Extra Bonus 7

Production Checklist +
Survival Guide

Worth $497

So what about during the virtual event how can you survive it? I will give you the survival guide, the to-do list and a backup plan. 

Extra Bonus 8

List of Questions for Attendees Follow Up Survey

Worth $197

You will get a list of questions you can ask your attendees after they participate in your virtual event so that you can make an assessment for your next virtual event to be an even better experience for your attendees.

 EXTRA Bonus 9

Direct Voxer Access to Anna Andrea for the 12 weeks

Worth $997/mo

You will get direct Voxer Access so that if you have any questions that require immediate attention (office hours of course).

Extra Bonus 10

FREE VIP Ticket to 3-Day LIVE Online Event: Build Your Own Virtual Stage

Worth $97

Anna Andrea and a few of the experts in the summit will come together for a 3 day LIVE Workshop Virtual Event where they will help you build your own virtual stage in only 3 Days!

The adrenaline of driving alone for the first time, the butterflies of the first kiss with that person you really like, or that first bite of your favorite treat does not compare to the emotional high of a notification of your first sale!

Especially if that sale is of the virtual event you just put together!

Even more exciting if it happens while you are fast asleep!

You see that notification, and instead of random emails, it’s 10 new sales you made so easily… all from this extraordinary virtual event, you put together!

As you sip your favorite hot beverage every morning before the online experience watching your email list grow and sales coming through. 

All before you even do the virtual event! You decide to plan a mini-vacay after the event is over to celebrate.

Because you can!

What People Are Saying of Anna Andrea

I have had the pleasure of using Anna as my event production manager for all of my 3 free online video series/summits over the past 3 years. She managed all aspects of production, including monetizing all three summits. The first one more than paid for all production costs through the sale of the series. The sales for the second series earned more than twice the cost of the series production and I anticipate that the third, which is now in production, will do even better.

This doesn’t even begin to cover the money that I’ve made from the expansion of my business through her support of my events. My second launch brought in over $60,000 in ONE month in client service sales. I could not have reached that number without Anna. Anna is organized, enthusiastic, a great communicator, reliable, accountable, accessible, responsive, knowledgeable of all aspects and creative!

I could never have asked for a better event manager! I didn’t even mention reasonably priced! I know people who pay much more and end up with a sub-standard product, which would not happen with Anna.Anna is an absolutely fundamental part of my online success! I’m constantly telling her that I don’t know what I would do without her and I mean it.

Helen Hillix, MA, LMFT

Fulfilled Woman Circle, San Diego, CA

“I’ve been hosting out of this world, life-changing, amazing in-person events for years and in 2020 I started doing them online, for obvious reasons. All my experience and confidence went out the window when I started my online events so I reached out to Anna Andrea for help and support.

I had heard really wonderful reviews about her and her work. I wasn’t disappointed with my decisions! She gave me great ideas and suggestions to implement during and after my events. I’m so grateful I got to work with Anna Andrea and that my online events are a huge success!”

Lorena Morales

Cash Creation Coach

“Irresistible Marketing & Design Agency (Anna and her team) did a fantastic job with creating a website and opt-in for my 21-day summit. They went above and beyond with keeping me accountable for certain items they needed to complete the website. They also resolved any minor link problems in a very timely manner! I would highly recommend them!”

Nicki Hu

Social Media Coach

“Working with you all has been a pleasure! Your experience with summits benefited me because they were able to break it down into bite size steps. They have an idea of the whole picture and they help you market it in a larger way.”

Nancy Moonstarr

License Therapist

Here’s What’s Included:

Plan Rubi

90 Day Plan
  • 90 Day Program Build Your Own Virtual Stage includes:
  • 8 training/masterclass calls (Value $1,997)
  • 8 Q&A Group Sessions (Value $997)
  • Co-Working Teams for accountability (Value invaluable)
  • ALL Promotion Social Media Graphics Templates (Value $497) 2 Editable Versions in Canva
  • All Copywriting for Social Media Copy, Solo Emails for Promotion, Event Emails, Offer Emails, Survey Email is not included ($1,947 Value)
  • 4 Private One on One Strategy Sessions (Value $997) is not included
  • Bonuses:
  • 3 Stages To-Do Check List (Value $197)
  • Productivity & Tech Tools Cheatsheet (Value $197)
  • 8-12 Weeks Step by Step ClickUp Folder (Value $197)
  • Private Facebook Community (Value $197)
  • Event Content Storyline Brainstorm Guide (Value $297) is not included
  • Done for You Registration Funnel in Builderall (Value $997)
  • Extra Bonuses that disappear SOON!
  • Bonus 1: Find & Enroll the Best Speakers Masterclass  (Value $297)
  • Bonus 2: 10 Sales Pages Examples +  3 Membership Site Examples (Value $47)
  • Bonus 3: Email Copy Templates for the Virtual Event Communication with Attendees + Speakers (Value $297)
  • Bonus 4: Virtual Event Launch Plan (Value $497)
  • Bonus 5: Production Checklist in ClickUp + Survival Guide (Value $297)
  • Total Worth $7,008

These offers disappear in:








This All Sounds Great But…

Why This Course and not another one?

Virtual Events are now essential pieces of our marketing efforts. Now more than ever we have to adapt to what the 2020 year has brought us. Anna Andrea has been working on producing virtual summits since 2018, events since 2008. She graduated from Universidad de Palermo with an Event Planning Degree and with a 1st place prize of the whole department in one of her events. She knows how to create experiences that are unforgettable in-person or virtually. Just ask all her event attendees and clients. This is not a snooze course, this is a get to action plan. 

Will This Really Work For Me?

You know the answer to that, it works if you work it. If you apply it and not just do one virtual event. Your goal is to create a yearly or bi yearly an experience that your attendees come back excited to participate in and throw you all the cash you ask for. Granted, most in-person events are a big investment and not all of them break even or even profit BUT a lot of companies and business owners keep doing them because it’s part of their community loyalty programs. A LOT profit during the event. With virtual events is the same, and it’s even better I have seen reports of some making well over 6 figs. 

What if I have no list, no audience NOTHING?!

That’s OK! Most of my clients started with 0 (I did too!) and now they are at thousands of emails in their list of quality leads and buyers. Honesty? I am at the hundreds still, gotta keep doing more events 😉 that’s how it works. This way you will expand your network and networth. Having speakers come speak to your event is a must when starting out. After you have grown your audience you can offer them only with you virtual events!

What if I do have a list why should I care about virtual events?

1 quarterly VIP day can give your audience exactly what they need from you, the best way to give them access and results is with these types of virtual events. Also, you can use 3 live virtual events to sell your high ticket programs and not in one on one discovery calls!! 

What if I have NO time?

It will only take a couple hours a day and I will you show you how to batch create for. the pe-recorded. If you don’t have time the best thing to do is to hire a team like mine (or mine!) to do all the heavy lifting and you only focus on the content and the interviews. You know how it is, if you don’t have time have experts take care of it for you. If you have time, learn to do it all yourself. 

What if I am a Tech Noob?

NOT TO WORRY! I will help you set it all up! There is also a whole module dedicated to this! We will meet in Q&A and you can ask all the questions you need and we will do it together. Also, let me give you some peace of mind: you are using a tech device to read this… you got tech nipped in the butt! YOU GOT THIS. I GOT YOU TOO!

Can I Trust You Help Me?

Yes. I got you, I have been in the online space since 2014, events since 2008 and my clients love me. SO if you like me, give it a chance. Events change lives and virtual events are NO different!!

How Much Time Do I Need to Spend on This?

It is entirely up to you! Planning and Research takes as long as you find everything but planning is just a few hours. I am not gonna lie to you, this WILL take time out of your day. IF you work on the foundations and the basics first (all in this mini course) the creation and launching will be easier to do. And if you hand this off to me, you will have in more peace in mind.

Why can't I plan the VIrtual Event By Myself?

You can, I know a lot of people who do. But if you’ve never done one it can be super overwhelming planning all the pieces. Also very frustrating when things don’t work or you have no support. With this program you will get all the tools to plan it yourself with my support! But with the knowledge, there is power and this will give you the answer to all the questions you would have to search google. And a lot time wasted when I can give you the map and help you launch your next virtual event.

Is there a refund?

Yes! You have a 14 Day Money Back guarantee. First time I have ever done this but it’s to give you peace of mind in case you change your mind. Because if you are not ready to work smart and make a bigger impact, I get it… it’s not an easy decision but it’s a simple strategy that can help you scale in ways no other strategy can. Seriously ask the top 3%. 

Do you have what it takes to make a bigger impact in the lives of your clients? Do you have what it takes to add 2, 3, 4 or even 5 zeros to your bank account?

Do you? Most people just don’t…

Maybe this is the path for you, maybe it is not…

This is meant for someone who’s hungry.

It’s meant for the kind of person that is resilient, that has a fire burning inside of them to make a dent in this planet for the good, 

It is meant for someone who is not afraid to put themselves out there, that is not afraid to admit they want money… that they love it even! 

It’s meant for someone who is willing to go beyond the extra mile even if in the way there are rocks on the way that make someone stumble.

Someone ready to roll their sleeves and be ready for the punches. Someone who is ready to fight every battle, endure every hater and every rock thrown at them.

Do you have the courage to go through all this to get the kind of life you want?

If you do, keep on reading and join, if not just move on and go binge on Netflix. 


Ready to create your own virtual event to make a bigger impact and income online?!

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