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How to Create a Membership Inside your Messenger Bot with Mark van der Made

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Who is Mark van der Made?

Almost broke to a Messenger marketing expert. 

It’s been a long road from where I was to where I am today. Have to say I am very fortunate to have found the right tools at the right time that really changed my life around. It started with me having my own IT company. I was doing ok fixing computers and laptops. Came into contact with a whole variety of people which I really enjoyed. 

But as the years went by the competition with the bigger companies grew and I couldn’t really compete. I was even at the point of being almost entirely broke. Not something I could afford with a wife and one son, and another one coming soon. 

Then I started to search for ways of connecting with potential new customers and that’s when I discovered the tool that would change my life around. Messenger marketing. It was a way to reach people no other business in my niche was doing at that time. I learned everything there was to learn in a few month’s time and tested it out on my own business. 

And what a difference it made for me. My company started growing again and I was able to get into contact and remain engaged with the customer through an app that everyone pretty much used already.

Then it got me thinking…. I enjoyed building out a Messenger bot so much for my own business, why shouldn’t I do so for others?

The following month I took the biggest risk of my life and quit my IT business and started my own Messenger marketing agency. But as I knew my way around the tool already and how to connect with others I had no problem finding businesses who saw the huge potential it could bring them. 

Two years ago I also became a Messenger marketing expert, agency partner with ManyChat, and even educator. It allows me to provide a full package when it comes down to Messenger marketing. Since then I have been able to migrate from Netherland to Hungary, buy my dream house for my family and started the company I am working on today called Masa Design and Marketing

My goal for this year is to help as many people as I can to implement Messenger marketing into their business. That is why I started the template club. I can provide a total package at a low-cost investment. 

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