Chat Marketing Basics, How Can You Use It For Your Business to Get High Quality Leads with Mark Harbert.

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Who is Mark Harbert?

Mark Harbert started marketing online in late 2008 and has generated over 150,000 leads online, and created an annual multiple 6-Figure Income in the process earning multiple millions in affiliate commissions overall.
Before attaining the level of success he is now enjoying things were not always so good. Mark at one point didn’t even know how he was going to buy groceries for his family or pay the bills.
However, hard work, focus and determination have paid off in huge way and he is now reaping the rewards of success. He even had a single day where he generated $100,000 in revenue.
Although Mark is best known for being one the top video marketers online, he has also mastered and implemented paid marketing strategies into his video marketing plan, including YouTube & Facebook video for upwards of 300+ leads per day.
Mark is a top affiliate marketer, top producer online, runs a successful coaching and training business, and has taught thousands how to do exactly what he does via his online courses and free blog content.

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