Now… I know, I know this is NOT EASY 😰 Because it Involves Technology 💻🤖.

It’s the HUGE Rock Standing between the Freedom You Were Promised in One of those Motivational Infoproducts Speeches…

AND Actual Time Freedom. SO, I want to make you a proposal for a great deal so that you will be able to watch the trainings over and over again…

AND for you that needs MORE Techy hand-holding Help I have Created a Program where I will Guide You, Teach You and Answer all Your Questions. 🙌🏻

So, if this resonates with you… 

I have bundled up three different packages depending on your needs.

Get Lifetime Access to the Replays and Some Extra Goodies to Get Your Chatbot Set Up and Running Smoothly!

Take a Look 👀 !

These Special Offers Expire In:








What You Will Learn:

✔️ How to Transform A Bot into a Personalized Conversation with Your Lead in automation.

✔️ How to Understand Easily the Rules of Some Platforms to Always be Complaint.

✔️ How to Create an Irresistible Experiences for Your Customers with Chat Marketing.

✔️ Discover How to Make Your Customers Feel Cared For Without You Having to be Online All the Day.

✔️ How to Automate Customer Conversations While Building Trust.

✔️ Discover How to Easily Use the Basic Tools to Create These Messages Even if You Are Technically Challenged.


Details About 7 Week Program ‘Designing Your Irresistible Experience’

What is included in the 7 Week Program?

Each week we will have Two Zoom Calls, One for Training and One for Q&A. We will have a Private Facebook Group for extra questions, you will get the replays and the audios for each session.

Here’s the :

Week 1: Chat Marketing Basics & Setting Up ManyChat

Week 2: Creating Your Chat & Multi-Channel Irresistible Strategy

Week 3: Writing Engaging Copy

Week 4: Creating Flows In ManyChat

Week 5: Creating an SMS Strategy and using the Right Tools for You (Yes, we will see Worldwide options!).

Week 6: Using Messenger with Facebook Ads

Week 7: Optimizing Your Messenger Bot for Irresistible Experiences for Clients and Leads

BONUS Training – Review + How To of Each Growth Tool


What Results Will I Gain By Joining?

By the end of the 7 Weeks You will have your Omni-Channel Strategy, the techy integrations, and automated chat messages to help you filter out the ‘askholes’ and get you quality leads ready to invest with you.

Will it be complicated and Expensive to Maintain?

No, we will use a User-Friendly Tool that is FREE to Start 500 subscribers called Manychat.  And then their plans start at $10 USD a month plus SMS fees. 

Do I need to Be Techy?

No! No need to, I will explain in non-techy terms and show you over my shoulder so you can navigate your Bot without needing intense techy knowledge.

Do You Have a Refund Policy?

I do. There are no refunds. Final Purchases. This is my philosophy: I want to work with committed coaches/entrepreneurs/ course creators who want to SERVE their audiences not spam them or annoy them. Serving requires your 100% commitment. Technology requires your full attention.

Every investment requires a commitment if you are not sure, it’s better not to join. We won’t be a fit, because that “Return Mentality” is not going to serve you in this environment. You need to have grit and resilience and never give up when a tech issue arrives. Because I can guarantee you will have them on this digital journey, we all have to deal with them. Can’t quit at the first issue. Commit. Show Up AND You won’t regret it. 

What They Say About Anna Andrea


Thanks SOOO much for your hard work, Anna! You’re my hero! I mean that! And I’m thrilled with the result so far! You did an amazing job!

Helen Hillix

Intuitive Coach & Licensed Therapist

Let's Work Together!

For 7 Weeks Let Me Take You by the Hand and Guide You in Building Your Irresistible Experience with chatbots! This is For You if You Are a Coach Who Wants Their Clients to Have Better Results, for them to never miss anything and For You to be More Time Efficient. Even if you’re Not Techy at All, I Will Explain it So Simple Anyone Can Get It!

At this Incredible Price be part of the BETA group to first go through my new program and keep access for life. 

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