How to build an irresistible virtual event to create momentum in your business…

even if you have technophobia and get overwhelmed by all the planning in less than 90 days without losing your mind, breaking the computer, or firing your team! 

While having self-care time,  live your life and eat good food,

So that you can travel worry-free, pay without looking at the tag or just take the weekends off 

Without having to learn code, or having to sell a kidney to survive the recession. 

Are You….

Running in circles because you are not growing your audience online as fast as the gurus promised… or clueless about what it takes to run a virtual event and you promised a re-treat for your clients… or are you bored of all the virtual events you are attended and are afraid your is going to be as dull or problematic like your previous experiences…

The amount of work it takes to create an in-person event and now you gotta pivot to online and you still haven’t gotten around it because you feel lost?

I hear you and you don’t have to be in this situation!

After producing, hosting, and attending virtual events this 2020 I have come to the conclusion that not everyone knows what they are doing… DUH! That’s the truth, we are all just trying to figure it out and put out the best that we can to the virtual reality we live in now. SO I have put together this solution for you where. I am going to map out the basic foundation to run an unforgettable irresistible virtual event and only have raving reviews. I have gone through the good, the wow, the ugly and the outright scam of pretense when every attendee is whynning and the host just ignores it… I have also gathered all the intel on the secrets of the most engaging, fun and impactful experiences and talked to attendees of a lot of events to know what they like and dislike. I GOT YOU!

Hi I am….

Anna Andrea and I should be rotting in a cubicle taking calls solving problems for a Big Corp. never getting promoted for saying no to sexual advances, full of stress, and on the verge of a mental breakdown.

Because that was the best salary available in my country El Salvador. 

But I am here, on my own terms, making more money than that salary and as much money as I want, traveling when I want, sleeping in whenever I please without having to stand all those strangers yelling to me about their bills. 

Today, I am making 5 figures a year, thousands of views on Youtube and Facebook, and have taught hundreds of entrepreneurs all over the world in both english and spanish how to become irresistible leaders online. I started in February 2014 with my first job online as an admin VA with zero connections and not even planning on building my own business to launching my own programs, virtual summits and selling with ease. 

My students have used my attraction marketing strategies, automation setups, and we’ve produced events that have made over 5-6 figures. 

I am not that special.

I have to admit I do have friends in high places, God as my CEO, but I don’t have big name affiliates, no massive team either.

Some days I binge on Netflix and eat junk food, and heck sometimes I can’t get out of bed.

I am just a girl who believed in who she was in Christ and invested in herself. I put myself to action and helped others do the same. 

With me by your side you will too become an irresistible leader online on your terms.

Introducing the Only Virtual Event Course this affordable!

Another course you say? An interactive one if you buy now because I will record it with you LIVE and you get to ask me questions at the end! SO no, not your normal course. I don’t do normal. I like to do it my way, the irresistible way lol So check out the content, and get on now because the bonuses will disappear and I will close this cart soon. I don’t joke about my marketing. 

Module 1

In this module you will learn the full 3 Phases of Virtual Event Planning. They will help you make decisions and plan accordingly to hit deadlines. These 3 phases will help you design a profitable virtual event. In Phase #1 You will learn to plan the logistics, design the concept. Phase #2 You will finally have confidence with the technology. Phase #3 You will learn how to create your own social media plan and create it in 1 week. 

Module 2

In this module, you will learn how to create your virtual events USP (Unique Selling Proposition). What makes your event special and different? We will go over the mission, vision, purpose, and outcome of the event so we can transform it from an idea to reality.

You will learn how to define the theme and topic, the name and the slogan as well as what experience you can create for your attendee so that your virtual event is unforgettable.

Module 3

In this module, you will learn what tools to use depending on your event design. What tools to use for your event to be engaging and fun! You will learn the logistics of the digital world so that you don’t leave a lead behind!

This roadmap will give you clarity and peace of mind. Promise you won’t break your bank and we can find creative ways to use the tools you know and still make a great Impact.

Module 4

In this module, you will learn how to decide the content and plan it. The content is the most important part of the event, do this right and your attendees will forever be your fans. You will also learn how to find the best speakers for the content you want your attendees to consume.

The Most Sexy Bonuses

That will turn you on like a horny teenager.

Bonus 1

The Irresistible Factor Workbook – Worth $997

This is the complete workbook you need to create irresistible experiences every time you plan a virtual event. 

 Bonus 2

Masterclass: How to BOOK Your Ideal Speakers – Worth $1997

FInding the right speakers is easy but convincing them to book an interview or train is not. in this masterclass you will learn how to get A and b lister speakers excited about your event and promoting it everywhere.  

Bonus 3

How to Pitch Your Speakers Effectively Cheatsheet – Worth $997

Crafting the right message is sometimes a make it or break it, moment. Get Script ideas to make the perfect pitch, get better and more speakers booked.

Bonus 4

Private Facebook Community & Accountability – Worth $997

this private group will give you direct access to anna andrea for questions.

Bonus 5 – Disappearing soon

The Ultimate Virtual Event Tech Cheatsheet – Worth $297

this cheatsheet will help you make decisions when it comes to the tools and tech you need for each of your virtual events. never get lost or overwhelmed again with this decisions just go over the cheat sheet and you will get clarity on what to do. 

Bonus 6 – Disappearing soon

Your Irresistible Virtual Event 90 Day Calendar Plan – Worth $497

this calendar will give you an idea of when and you need to do each task and how long you should be working on them. This calendar comes with a video tutorial and a Trello board so that you get the most out of it.

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What People Are Saying

Thanks so much, Anna! Couldn’t do anything without you! Thanks for all your efforts as always! You’re the best!!

Helen Hillix

LIcense Therapist

A&J Agency did a fantastic job with creating a website and opt in for my 21 day summit. They went above and beyond with keeping me accountable for certain items they needed to complete the website. They also resolved any minor link problems in a very timely manner! I would highly recommend them!”

Nicki Hu

Social Media Coach

“Working with you all has been a pleasure! Your experience with summits benefited me because they were able to break it down into bite size steps. They have an idea of the whole picture and they help you market it in a larger way.”

Nancy Moonstarr

License Therapist

“By the time you’ll complete the Amazing Course in less than 3 weeks before Christmas 2020 you will have all the plan to run your virtual event in 2021.”

Anna Andrea, Creator of Irresistible Virtual Events Mini-Course

This All Sounds Great But…

Why This Course and not another one?

Virtual Events are now essential pieces of our marketing efforts. Now more than ever we have to adapt to what the 2020 year has brought us. Anna Andrea has been working on producing virtual summits since 2018, events since 2008. She graduated from Universidad de Palermo with an Event Planning Degree and with a 1st place prize of the whole department in one of her events. She knows how to create experiences that are unforgettable in-person or virtually. Just ask all her event attendees and clients. This is not a snooze course, this is a get to action plan. 

Will This Really Work For Me?

You know the answer to that, it works if you work it. If you apply it and not just do one virtual event. Your goal is to create a yearly or bi yearly an experience that your attendees come back excited to participate in and throw you all the cash you ask for. Granted, most in-person events are a big investment and not all of them break even or even profit BUT a lot of companies and business owners keep doing them because it’s part of their community loyalty programs. A LOT profit during the event. With virtual events is the same, and it’s even better I have seen reports of some making well over 6 figs. So it will work for you but you have to keep going, one event won’t do much. 

What if I have no list, no audience NOTHING?!

That’s OK! Most of my clients started with 0 (I did too!) and now they are at thousands of emails in their list of quality leads and buyers. Honesty? I am at the hundreds still, gotta keep doing more events 😉 that’s how it works. This way you will expand your network and networth. Having speakers come speak to your event is a must when starting out. After you have grown your audience you can offer them only with you virtual events!

What if I have NO time?

It will only take a couple hours a day and I will you show you how to batch create for. the pe-recorded. If you don’t have time the best thing to do is to hire a team like mine (or mine!) to do all the heavy lifting and you only focus on the content and the interviews. You know how it is, if you don’t have time have experts take care of it for you. If you have time, learn to do it all yourself. 

What if I am a Tech Noob?

NOT TO WORRY! I will give you the Ultimate Tech Cheatsheet if you are the first 100 to buy! There is also a whole module dedicated to this! Also, let me give you some peace of mind: you are using a tech device to read this… you got tech nipped in the butt! YOU GOT THIS. I GOT YOU TOO!

Can I Trust You Help Me?

Yes. I got you, I have been in the online space since 2014, events since 2008 and my clients love me. SO if you like me, give it a chance. Events change lives and virtual events are NO different!!

How Much Time Do I Need to Spend on This?

It is entirely up to you! Planning and Research takes as long as you find everything but planning is just a few hours. I am not gonna lie to you, this WILL take time out of your day. IF you work on the foundations and the basics first (all in this mini course) the creation and launching will be easier to do. And if you hand this off to me, you will have in more peace in mind.

Why can't I plan the VIrtual Event By Myself?

You can, I know a lot of people who do. But if you’ve never done one it can be super overwhelming planning all the pieces. Also very frustrating when things don’t work or you have no support. With this mini-course you will get all the tools to Plan it yourself! But with the knowledge, there is power and this will give you the answer to all the questions you would have to search google. And a lot time wasted when I can give you the map and the help you need to do it yourself. 

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