Here is What You’ll Learn:

What is Chat Marketing and How it will help Your Business? 

You will learn how this is beneficial for your business growth, what it does for your customer satisfaction.

What to Do and What NOT to do with Your Chatbot in Messenger? 

We will dive deep into best practices, the changes in 2020 and how to deal with them. Also, you will learn what NOT to do with the chatbot according to the terms by Facebook.

How to Connect Your Chatbot with Messenger and Facebook.

You will learn EASY steps you need to take to connect your Facebook Fan Page with Your Manychat chatbot.

What is Multi-channel Communication and How to use it effectively to Reach More Leads.

We will dive deep into what is multi-channel marketing and how this will keep the flow of the messenger bot performing like a champ! This will in turn get you higher reach to get to your leads about whatever you got going on.

How to get MORE Leads Engaged with Your Program.

With advanced, hyper-effective techniques that will allow you to have higher attendance rates, better communication, and your leads will get better results.

How to Create a Flow that’s Engaging.

I will walk you through how to create a flow inside Manychat to connect with your Welcome Message so that your leads get the immediate responses they need without having to wait for a live person.

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