The Key to Daily Breakthrough

Having daily breakthrough is possible even when you feel you are completely stuck. I know how the struggle is so real. Mindlessly scrolling down social media thinking about creating content instead of doing it, watching other people have a life and not having one… Been there, I still do it most times! So, what I have learned to do is to not be so hard on myself and I want you to take that advice for you too. In this week’s podcast I chit chat about the key to daily breakthrough that helps me every time I feel in a rut.

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One thing I know about being an entrepreneur is that you won’t have a journey free of issues. And just having those little breakthroughs or big ones every day will help you push through. Keep going.

This to me is how you self motivate, to keep serving and doing that business. Whether we encounter a breakthrough, like an “aha” moment of a situation, or we achieve a goal… These highs give us support while we navigate through the lows. As humans, I believe we will always seek those ‘highs’ of life can give us to spark hope, happiness, etc. seeing it this way can bring back the life into you. You are allowed to breakthrough, give yourself permission…

So that you accomplish that Vision God entrusted you with.


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