Chat Funnels For Events

The ultimate solution for life and relationship coaches looking to increase their event registrations and maximize attendance.

With our personalized approach, you can engage potential attendees, streamline the registration process, set up reminder sequences and capture their interest & more, all within the Instagram or Messenger platform.

What Chat Funnels Can Do For Your Events:

Engage Potential Attendees

Leverage the power of Instagram to connect with your target audience and create a buzz around your events. With our chat funnels, you can effectively engage potential attendees and generate excitement for your workshops, webinars, summits, and live events.

Streamlined Registration Process

Say goodbye to complicated registration processes. Our Instagram Chat Funnels provide a seamless experience from event discovery to registration, eliminating any barriers that may hinder potential attendees from signing up.

Maximize Event Attendance

With our chat funnels, you can create fun experiences that have them coming back to engage with you on Instagram plus, we can remind them about the event activities with Messenger increase the likelihood of them showing up!

Increase Conversions

Don’t drop the ball after the event is over, by harnessing the power of your chat funnel you can follow up with attendees and answer questions so that they purchase your dream offer. Keep nurturing them until they buy!

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