Online Event Day 1 Line Up

Episode 1

Anna Andrea Your Host

Welcome and Introduction

Episode 2

Danny Monzon

 The Myths, Misconceptions and the Truth About Bots and Chat Marketing

Episode 3

John Preston

The Importance of Chat Marketing for Your Coaching Business

Online Event Day 2 Line Up

Episode 1

Mark Harbert

Chat Marketing Basics, How Can You Use It For Your Business to Get High Quality Leads

Episode 2

Niel Reichl

The Counter Intuitive Way to Use Chatbots that Increase Revenue and Reduce Workload

Online Event Day 3 Line Up

Episode 1

Mary Katherine Johnson

How to Make Compelling Short Copy To Build Relationship in Auto Pilot

Episode 2

Mackensie Liberman

Get Higher Attendance and Conversion Rates to Your Webinar / Live Event

Online Event Day 4 Line Up

Episode 1

David Sambor & Philippe LeCoutre

Get The Secrets Behind The 6 Million Dollar KBB Chatbot

Episode 2

Emma Louise Hammond

Launch a 20k Challenge on Facebook using Chatbots

Online Event Day 5 Line Up

Episode 1

Mark Van Der Made

How To Create a Membership Inside Your Messenger Bot

Episode 2

Antonio Thompson

How to Set up Your Bot with Facebook Ads

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