You are almost completed with all the steps of the process! ????

If you are techy and you are used to Zoom and the web I know you don’t necessarily “need” this Tech Check-in…

Do what you need to do, tell your family if you are going to be from home, communicate it. Ask for their cooperation because this is serious business. ???? This will allow you to have the lifestyle that you want and the time for them too! 

To have a successful experience it is required for you to show up LIVE, with a great attitude, and have your camera ON. Yes. If you don’t want to do that, you cannot participate, sorry… not really sorry. ????????‍♀️ Put on a hat, use a filter, do what you gotta do but show us your beautiful face! ????

Next Step: Complete the Tech Check-In, Book Your Time, and Show Up! 

if not you don’t you won’t have access to the Dashboard and will miss part of the event or even all because I or my team can’t check you in during the event AND host the event!!! ????

So please Don’t Miss this part. I will not be held responsible if you don’t check in and have no access to the event on time… 


9 AM to 8 PM MT Monday, Sept 6th Book Time Here

9 AM to 8 PM MT Tuesday, Sept 7th Book Time Here

*by clicking the above button you willl be connecting with Anna Andrea or one of her team members to run with you how to set up your zoom and to give you access to the Dashboard so that there are no problems in the day of the event. If you don’t have zoom, you will be prompted to download it. Please do, as this is where we are hosting the event. 

Please note you can change your password after we have given you access to the Dashboard by logging out and in the login page select the forgot password option. 

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