Use technology to get more butts in seats & engagement with

Chatbots For Your Summits & Events workshop

Learn how to use chatbots to make your virtual events fun, memorable, filled with engagement plus have people coming back over and over again even if you aren’t tech-savvy or have been using them for a while!

Join Us November 1st at 11 AM ET

What You’ll Learn & What We’ll Do:

The Easy Way To Set Them Up

There are plenty of ways to create chatbots for your events. We will go over the ways and how we can make it as easy and simple as possible so it just takes you a couple hours instead a whole head-ache!

All The Ways You Can Use Them

Having a lot of chatbot flows created is useless if you don’t now HOW and WHERE to share about them. Find out the BEST channels to get your leads signing up, sharing with it (yep! we’ve had leads talk to it like it was a friend!) and engaging during your event like gunbusterss!.

Use It Like All The Big Coaches Online

I know who programs the chatbots for Tony Robbins, for Jenna Kutcher, for Amy Porterfield, etc. I know EXACTLY the secret strategy they are using to get MORE leads, MORE money and MORE butts in seats. & Yep, I will share all the tea.

I GOT YOU! ????


We Will Build ONE Chat Flow In 90 Min

You are not leaving this workshop with empty hands. NOPE not on my watch.

We will make a list of the chat flows YOU need for your virtual or in-person event and collectively we will choose ONE and we will build it TOGETHER.


I Will Tell You THE Secret Strategy The BIG Coaches Aren’t Telling Ya, Plus Send You To The World With The First Chat Flow DONE! ALL FOR F R E E!

What They Say About Anna Andrea

I worked with Anna to set up a chatbot for my first summit! I had no idea what to expect and wasn’t all that familiar with ManyChat. But I LOVED the idea of having an additional touchpoint for registrants – and my attendees enjoyed it too!! Anna was able to take my ideas, my existing summit structure, my brand voice, and my personality and write amazing bite-sized messages to my attendees complete with emojis and gifs – the best part? The turn around time was LIGHTENING FAST!

Anna also had an impeccable attention to detail which was so needed.

If you’re running an online event and struggling with attendance, I’d highly recommend Anna Andrea!

Victoria Boyd, MS

Lucrative Leads: VIP Day Edition Summit Host

I’m grateful for all of your help. You did a ton of work, for which I’m very grateful. You were a gem to work with and the engagement with the chatbot was fun to watch.

Mat Casner

Purpose To Profit Business Designer Summit

Chatbot Summit Stats:

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