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What is an Irresistible Experience Chatbot?

An Irresistible Experience Chatbot is a eco-system strategy created by Anna Andrea where we take your leads into a journey through messages to activities such as challenges, courses and more. Your leads are then being nurtured and ready to get that credit card out and buy. Leads will turn into customers right there on the chatbot. They will book calls with you or your team, join your email list (if your still into this – which you should btw!), will pour out their needs and wants, consume your live and recorded content plus whatever you want them to do.

ALL IN AUTOMATION. Your leads will get to Know You, Like You and will Trust You enough to put their money in your pockets.

Who is this Irresistible Experience Chatbot For?

For Non-Techy and Techy Onlinepreneurs who want to use the power of messenger marketing and leverage it to get more leads and more sales without having to learn to program it themselves. Leaders who already have a Brand and want to add a Chatting with their leads to their marketing. Entrepreneurs who want something innovative for their leads to experience their brand in another level. If you are not tech savvy, I got you! If your Lead Magnet is not converting into sales or your course is not being completed, you need this to keep tabs on them, follow up so you can make sure they accomplish their goals!

If you need a 24/7 employee who can answer questions immediately, take leads through experiences, get your leads needs and info, gather data, get them to join all your live/recorded events, open up their wallets and buy. YOU NEED THIS #IrresistibleExperienceChatbot System for Your Business.

What’s the Process?

To create your #IrresistibleExperienceChatbot we would have an initial strategy session. From there we would come up with your personalized chatbot strategy and flows. Once this is settled and I have a clear understanding of your message, your audience and product/service, I will set up the bot in Manychat (customer responsible to pay tool for it’s monthly fee), write the messages (if copywriting included in package you select what suits you best) and connect your current Social Media and Websites to the Chatbot. If in case you are missing any techy set up, we can create a package for TOTAL ReBrand and Automation for your Business.

We will also add any inventory of your products and/or services. As well, you will receive some video tutorials on how to use the Tool, your bot and how you can add a VA or a Bot Rep to manage it for you as well.

1. One on One Messenger Marketing Strategy Session

We will have an initial one on one video-call where you will give me a tour through your business, you marketing strategies and together we create the #IrresistibleExperience with what you currently are doing or we create a brand new with my Irresistible Experience Funnel Bot.

2. Chatbot Set Up & Sequence Flow Designs

This is where I set up the Chatbot. Video links, audio files, pictures, training content, etc all has to be uploaded to a shared Cloud Folder. Create the Flows, Keyword Triggers, Integrate and make sure everything works properly. If copywriting of messages will be created by me I would get started right away, create a message flow so easy to communicate and add some humor if you are into that! Time to design the message sequences and flows.

3. Tweaking Bot Copy and Design of Supportive Websites

You will get to be part of this Process, time to revise! This is the part where YOU test everything. After testing comes the fixing. I will be editing everything, and also it’s time to design the websites we will be connecting to the Bot if selected as part of the package that will support the chatbot flows.

4. Testing and Time to Revise

In this phase I would test the connections, the links to make sure none is broken, make sure everything triggers when it needs to and test it. Send for revisions. Unlimited Revisions for 30 days.

Attraction Marketing Strategies To Get REAL Leads Daily.

Tired of Cold Prospecting  Online? You don’t know what to publish on Social Media, you have no idea what content to create.  If you aren’t attracting any leads or attracting the wrong leads, you might not have a clear message. I can help you fix this! We can Plan Together your Marketing Strategy and Re Brand YOU to sell ANYTHING you want.

We can create an Irresistible Experience for your leads and you will get the authority you need to sell easily Online! Apply Now to see if we are a fit to work together 1:1 by clicking the button below.

Customer Service Chatbot

What would it feel like to have a virtual VA that answer immediately to your leads?

Getting Open Rates above 75% ALL THE TIME. Getting people excited and looking forward to what next you send.

Communicating with your leads hasn’t been so easy as it is now. Straight to their Facebook Messenger (WhatsApp and iMessage coming soon!) so that you can chat with them too in REAL TIME.

GAME CHANGER for Sure! All this is possible. And MUCH MUCH More. The possibilities are endless. Take a Chance and let me build your Irresistible Experience Chatbot. I work with Manychat as their Agency Partner to help you create this irresistible experience chatbot. 

Accountability Chatbot

What would it be like if your students or coaching clients actually completed their tasks? Get them to go through your program with messages in their inbox is the way to go!

Get your students to have results with simple reminders is a little unimaginable, right? It cannot be this simple, yet it is!

Let me help you set this up for your programs and your completion rates will skyrocket like you have no idea. Your students will get the information right in their inbox and they can access links faster and from their phones. 

Help them complete your courses and coaching programs like a BOSS and create greater impact in our niche. 

About Me

Hello my name is Anna Andrea Martinez and I’m 33 years old originally from El Salvador, the land of the Famous Pupusas and amazing beaches. As you can tell, 100% Bilingual. I am a Professional Event Planner graduated from Universidad de Palermo in Buenos Aires in 2014. I have approx. 5 years of working from home consistently as a freelancer designer, marketing consultant and attraction marketing strategist in both english and spanish. I love to organize events and I DO use my Degree, I think Formal education is awesome when it’s the right one. Weird fact about me: I love to speak on stage. I want to inspire others to design experiences for their leads so irresistible that they have high conversion rates and to design their lives like you so much desire. A lifestyle that also helps you accomplish your lives purpose and enjoy what you love doing. Stop burning yourself out for a “steady” income, break FREE.

I used to work in Call Centers, so I do have loads of sales and customer service experience. I was the SME (Subject Matter Expert) in both DELL Computers for Sales and in the account Koodo Mobile. I was in charge of the team of coaches to Coach to Newbies coming to the floor to receive calls for the first time. Organized everyone’s scheduled and made sure those reps where ready to hit the floor like pros. I was the problem solver of the floor but I just couldn’t bear having a boss, my blood is filled with entrepreneurship. So now I use this super power to create this experience that is so irresistible your leads turn into loyal customers and raving fans. I do this with simple message marketing strategies to create your own system blueprint with tools like chatbots, websites, funnels and brands so on point people rave about you to everyone. You will get CLARITY when you finish my Irresistible Experience and my 5 Week Program too.

I can see the big picture and what are the holes in your marketing strategies online as well. What customers really want from you and the companies angle they should position themselves as, but telling you like it is, now that’s my real secret ninja super power. 😎 No FLUFF. Sometimes a little too bold, but I am not here to babysit or sprinkle what isn’t working, I will flip your perspective in a minute and get you some actual help. The Gurus Bro Marketers are going to hate this but, I will always tell you the TRUTH about what works and doesn’t work RIGHT now in Social Media Marketing. You CAN automate your business and STILL be super personal with every single lead. And enjoy your partner, your kids, have a LIFE that is not all about hustle hustle till you die. That’s what I love to do! Have a life, but have a raving fan base that BUYS!

With my trainings and experience I also decided to study online marketing in 2014 and since then my life hasn’t been the same. I got a diploma from Shaw Academy and I learned most from My Lead System Pro. Now in 2019 I have a  spanish audience on Facebook for different products and services. A Youtube Channel too, I love to teach about mindset, attraction marketing, branding, chatbot list building, funnels, content marketing and more! I help re design your own personal brand, design websites and chatbot experiences. I also help leaders create their attraction marketing strategies so that you can attract thousands of online entrepreneurs and become irresistible online, get better hot leads and sell more.


“You should definitely work with Anna Andrea, she can help you cut down the learning curve and get you results FAST. 

She’s a great mentor and coach, s if you are looking for accountability and step by step she’s your gal. I’m 100% sure you won’t regret it. 😎

Jelena Ostrovska

Online Business Coach, The Unlimited Entrepreneur LLC

Devin Rashad Morris 😎

Facebook Ads Specialist CEO at Connected Funnels

Do Not Wait Longer. Automation is NOW and Your Irresistible Experience Chatbot has to be Created ASAP. You’re losing customers by letting your leads get cold. Your Chatbot will solve that! Send Us an Email if You Want an Appointment with Anna Andrea:


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