What would it feel like to finally have the breakthrough you have been working on so hard? How excited would you be if that client showed up finally to pay you full price? how would it feel to have the body frame you’ve dreamed of? or finally, understand WHY you are stuck on the same business results for so long? and be able to tweak it to breakthrough… Would Your Confidence Rise? we would think, Yes! So that wouldn’t only give you Influence inside your circles but it would also Attract to your life whatever your heart desires… Wouldn’t that be AWESOME?!

Well, it IS! Yes, it can be obtained. You can Build and Create the Life God made you Dream about since you were a little girl. You can accomplish everything you set your mind AND heart to, bring it to the 3D as a rightful Daughter of the King of Kings. You can achieve all this and more by using the tools, strategies, and support God has given us to deliver to YOU. Raquel and Anna Andrea, have designed with the inspiration of the Holy Spirit this program to help you Breakthrough and Learn to Break Up with Yourself Daily to Renew Your Mind. So as your Soul Prospers, You will Prosper.

Discover ALL of our Secrets to Break Up with Your Old Self so that you can Activate your Confidence, Grow your Influence and Become Attractive to Build a Life You Love.

In only 12 weeks you will learn the strategies and everything you need to do to Break Up with Your old self Daily to Breakthrough, sostain it and Become Irresistible to Your Hearts Desires.

What Will You Get Out of This Program:

this is the way to activate your god given divine gifts to serve your true life purpose.

You Will Activate Your Confidence

You will learn how to activate your Confidence in any situation and Walk through life with Security.


You Will Have all the Strategies to Breakthrough

You will Obtain a step by step guide to help you Breakthrough everytime you hit a plateau and sustain the Blessings for good.

You Will Obtain Security and Have Clarity in Your Vision

You will Identify Who You Are and Who You want to Become. This will give you a Clear Vision of Where you are Headed and what your God Given Purpose is.

You Will Create an Impact Wherever You Go.

You Will Inspire and Attract the Right People at the Right Time. Doors will be OPEN to You Internationally and Your Business is Going to be Known Everywhere.

You Will Learn To Heal Wounds and Move On Faster

You will complete a metamorphosis (like a butterfly) and at the end you will come out with your emotional wounds healed and you will be able to Inspire Others that way.

Learn How To Break Up with Your Old Self Daily To Live Life to The Fullest

You will learn how to recognize when you need to break up with habits of the flesh that are harming you and change the perspective to Serve you instead.

Become the Best Version of Yourself. You will learn how to Break Up with Your Old Self and Commit to Create Every Day Your New You, that Proverbs 31 Woman that God Designed You to be. With Character, Dignity, Wisdom, and Love. That Woman Who is Always Ready to Confront with Security the Future.

We will Guide You so You Can Finally See Yourself Through His Eyes. See Yourself the way God Sees You:

Like More Precious than Rubies.



Week #1 – Breaking Up With Your(OLD)Self

 You will Learn to Identify what is keeping you stuck.  Getting To Know Yourself right now, where you are at. Identifying what you need to “break up with” and how to become the better version of yourself, by re-committing to yourself so that you can be the woman you dream you want to become. 

Week #2 Becoming the Best Version of You 

Knowing Yourself is KEY to be able to Commit on Building the Woman You Want to Be. We will give you strategies so that you can decided what is Your Best Version and start Becoming Her.

Week #3 Discovering Your Divine Gifts 

God gave us all gifts and talents. You will discover or re-discover yours. We will guide you through

the process to discover and we will help you activate them to fulfill YOUR Purpose.

Week #4 Identity, it Comes from Christ 

Women, we are divine creatures. Made from the inside of Men and our Identity comes from who

God and Christ say who we are. We will help you have clarity on who you are and the power that lies in you.

Week #5 What You Don’t Captivate, Captivates YOU. 

You will learn how The Universe, Energy, God and Your Thoughts Have Created the Life you are Currently Living. We will explain the Science behind it and where you can find it in the Bible. You will be able to Captivate Your Dreams and Build a Life you Absolutely Love.

Week #6 The Path to Manifest Your God Given Desires 

God Created You with Talents, Gifts, AND Desires. Yes. Even the Flesh Desires…! If it’s inside you, God Created it. After This Week You will Know what Exact Path You Need to take so You Can Pull To You What You So Much DESIRE and Your Heart is Yearning for! (Also SCIENCE & Bible backed up Info!) Come prepared to get your Mind BLOWN with A flood of “Aha!” Moments!

Week #7 The Secret Sauce for Breaking Up with Your OLD Self 

Knowing your Path to Manifest Your God Given Desires Needs SPICE to get the Flavor of your Dreams to Inspire You To Break Up with those bad habits… Break up with those Thoughts, Feelings, and Reactions.

Breaking Up with Your OLD Self Requires THIS Sauce to not Take Them Back… This is The bridge between Being and Just Desiring to Obtaining it.

Week #8 Metamorphosis to the New You Part 1 

Like the Butterfly, YOU Need to complete a Metamorphosis to Commit to the NEW YOU. For Breakthrough to STICK in Your Life There are 4 Stages to Attract the Life You Desire. Yes, You can have the cake AND Eat it too!

With Jesus, Anything  IS POSSIBLE. This Week You Will Learn the First 2 Stages.

Week #9 Metamorphosis to the New You Part 2 

When the First 2 Stages are Completed, The Metamorphosis is halfway. The Butterfly is Forming after being Crushed in the Cacoon. In this Week You will Learn the Last 2 Stages to Manifest a Life You LOVE.

Things come through for Breakthrough. You will learn How to FINALLY Stick Breakthrough and Become Irresistible from now on… All You Want Can be Yours.

(disclaimer: results vary per person! we don’t guarantee anything! But the Bible does, God Does too.)

Week #10 Breaking the Addictive Cycles to Maintain Breakthrough 

Your Brain is a Drug dealer, it will give you what makes you get high. What is your Addiction? We all have them. This week you will learn how to break the most Addictive Cycles so You can Maintain Breakthrough. Step by Step Process to Break the Habit Loop. One by one.

Week #11 This is What you Do When… 

As Business Women who are Super (busy/messy) Women, we need practical advice we can apply immediately. This week we will give you just that. A guide for any situation that might present and what to do when it happens!


Week #12 What is Your New Super Power?

To Wrap Up the 12 Weeks you will Learn All About Your New Super Powers and what they Mean to Your Life Purpose.  AND LOVE EVERY FREAKING SECOND OF IT!!!!!

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3 Irresistible Promises That Will Give You Mental Peace


We are committed with excelence, integrity and in providing the best content to help detox your soul so that you can activate your confidence, influence and attraction! We Invest in our own personal development, time, energy and our income as well in the most important topics to keep getting better and better. The more we learn the more we will transmute to you.


We promise you that if you take action, you will get results. If you do your assignments and make the strategies work for you, you will be able to attract the life you want as well as activate your confidence, and raise your influence everywhere you go.


When your Confidence is Activated and your Influence is attracting all the right situations at the right time, your effect will ripple and make an IMPACT in your world. We promise you that all of this will aid you in the process and at least create an impact right in your home.

But we know, our promises are NOT enough. So we want to reassure you that you are here for a Reason and that God DOES everything He Promises and as His word Says in Psalms 46:5 “God is within her, she will not fall.” THAT is a Huge Promise. That our Father will always keep. You have to believe Him First. If You believe Him You will be blessed and His Promises would be fulfilled by Him to You (Luke 1:45).

This Program has a NO Refund Policy. Why? because we only want to work with committed businesswomen who are SERIOUS about Serving God with their lives and businesses. Because we want you to have results and to jump right in without a lack mentality. Coming into a program thinking you can refund or will refund if you find something you disagree with is the worst energy you can come in. So we won’t allow it. The ONLY way you can get a Refund from us, is if you give us a minimum of 4 weeks of work with you. That means you have to show up (to live class AND the coaching) plus complete the assignments and in the case, you don’t get ANY breakthroughs, aha moments or any value from us, with proof you did it all… and 0 results, then we will refund you.

Become the Best Version of You. Manifest the Life God Intended You To Live. Everything Your Hands Touch will give Honor to Him and Your Good Works will be Praised by the World.

Proverbs 31:31

Honor her for all that her hands have doneand let her works bring her praise at the city gate.

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