Are you thinking about planning your next virtual event for Fall or the Beginning of 2022?! 🤔

WE need to all make better events… SO in the intention of this, I want to help you make them better. Events, Virtual or not are by far the most used strategy for all the leaders you see out there from personal brands to fortune 500 companies. Events are the backbone of their business. But in this pandemic, the translation from in-person to virtually hasn’t been so great all the time.

SO let me help you make yours FUN 🥳 and Transformational! ❤🙌

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Define WHY you are doing this virtual event. Is it for growing your email list, positioning your authority, fill your program or course (to make $), brand awareness, creating brand loyalty, or product/service launch.
  2. DECIDE A DATE for it. Commit to that date. Do not think about re-scheduling either no matter what the show MUST go on… (that’s unprofessional re-scheduling more than once unless it’s an emergency and you communicate it).
  3. Decide WHAT type of virtual event you need to do based on # 1. So, let’s say you want to grow your list and authority: do a virtual summit. If you want to fill your Mid-High Ticket program do a LIVE 1 or 3 day virtual event… if you want to create brand awareness do a LIVE 1 day or half a day virtual event. ETC. Don’t know how to design? Take my quiz to answer this here!
  4. Define the WHERE you are going to host it. Will you do it all in Zoom and your own website? Will you host it on a Private FB Group, or a private YT link? Will you use a event software like Hopin, Airmeet… Do I want Low tech or High-end bells and whistles and a mini stage with an AV team.
  5. HOW will you do this? Will you Pre-record the sessions? Will you do it all Live? or Will it be a hybrid of both?

When defining these first 5 things FIRST and then it’s time to add the FUN and transformational part by deciding on ask yourself these questions:

  1. What topic will benefit my audience the most?
  2. Why would this topic make the biggest transformation?
  3. How can I teach it in 4 sessions (1 Day) — in 9 sessions (3 day) or with how many speakers can we go through the A to B or A to C – don’t use the whole alphabet lol
  4. What will my audience take after the experience is over?
  5. How can I add entertainment? Music or Games? Or both?
  6. How am I going to communicate with my audience BESIDES email?
  7. Do I need a permanent team or can I outsource some tasks?
Me, Feeling Liberated and Transformed in the pic.

If you do this, you will flip the narrative about YOUR virtual events! People will put you in the transformational, life-altering bucket. And not another boring zoom pitchfest. ❤️ Good luck YOU GOT THIS. 😌

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